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BubbleComment is a feature rich set of specifically designed features that help you visually interact with others online.
  • Fast, Flexible, and Easy-To-Use
  • Add To Your Own Website Or Share Directly
  • Great For Marketing, Sales, Support, Education
examples of use...
Personally Greet and Guide Your Web Site Visitors
Imagine the chance to give a unique face-to-face welcome to everyone who visits your web site, or to point out important information that you don't want them to miss...What would you say?

BubbleComment plays your comments directly over your existing webpage content, making them a quick and easy addition to most any web page.
  • Incorporate into your site with one simple embed tag
  • Customize to match your branding needs
  • Update at any time with no need to update embed tag
click above image to view example
Use For Daily Communication With Your Customers
The BubbleComment system is so fast and easy to use...You'll find it useful for all sorts of daily communication or special event announcements to your customers or members.

This example shows a comment by Dolby's Marketing department, personally informing visitors about an upcoming trade show of theirs.
  • Customize to match your branding needs
  • Choose from different player types
  • Optional password page protection
  • Share in all of your favorite social media services
click above image to view example
Flexible Enough To Be Use By The Whole Office
This comment by University of Louisville Office of Admissions clearly shows how anyone in your office can easily use BubbleComment to connect with your web based audience...In this case, a friendly welcome and reminder to prospective new students and families.
  • Quick to create and easy to share
  • Update video message at any time
  • Add your own logo for maximum branding
click to view this example
You Don't Have To Be A Professional Spokesperson
Here is a digital monthly newsletter done by Chris & Karen of Zephyr Real Estate in San Francisco, CA.

While admittedly new to using video in their marketing efforts, their personalities shine through and beautifully illustrate how you don't have to be a professional spokesperson to make a strong personal connection with your key audience.
  • Quick to create and easy to share
  • Optional password protection
  • Allow viewers to respond with their own comment
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Quick To Create Personal Video Greeting Cards
Simply choose one of our designer backgrounds or upload one of you own to quickly create professional looking video greeting cards that you can share directly with others via email, instant messaging, or any of your social-media services.
  • Choose designer background or upload your own
  • Use your own logo for even more branding
  • Optionally password protect
  • Enable video responses from viewers
Capture Video From Your Customers or Members
BubbleComment includes features that let you more easily collect, manage, and share video feedback from your web site visitors.

This example shows you a custom channel by "Cool Site of The Day" and serves as a terrific example of how you can use BubbleComments capture features to easily collect and share video feedback or testimonials from your customers or members.
  • Multiple ways to capture video comments from viewers
  • Can be embeded into your own website or shared as a DIrect URL's
  • Automatic notification when new videos have been captured
  • Easily review, edit, and share directly from your management page
click above image to view example
Group And Share Multiple Comments
The BubbleComment system includes a Channels feature which allows you to quickly group together and share multiple comments in one location.

This example shows how the "No Name Bar" in Sausalito, CA is using our Channel feature to showcase videos captured from their weekly Open Mic talent show.
  • Create different channels for different needs, all under one account
  • Optional password protection, five-star rating system, and more
  • Customize the look and feel of the page to meet your branding needs
  • Enable Twitter, Facebook, Email, Web Site Connections
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Used by all types of companies, organizations, schools, groups, and individuals...
Our basic plan provides a base set of Integration, Enhancement, and Promotion features and is ideal for most smaller organization or business needs.
Our basicplus plan provides even more features as well as our sub-account option making it a great tool to share with others in your organization.
    basic   basicplus
click titles   Management Features
Active Comments
The maximum number of comments you can create and manage within your account at once...You can always delete older comments to make room for new ones.
  15   100
Max Duration
The maximum length of time each of the comments can be.
  3 minutes   5 minutes
Active Channels
Our Channel pages help you easily group together and share mulitiple comments with others...You can always delete older channels to make room for new ones.
  5   10
Playback Streams
Each time one of your comments is viewed, it is counted as 1 stream. Your stream monthly count is automatically reset to zero on the first of each month and its total view count is recorded by our systems for review.
  unlimited   unlimited
Management Panel
Our unique management system lists and tracks all your comments and enables you to create, edit, review, update, position, stylize, download, or delete any comment associated with your account.
  check   check
No Expiration
Your comments are auto-archived, giving you the ability to reference and reuse older comments unless you decide to delete them yourself.

Free accounts have a one-year archive duration limit from the moment of creation.
  check   check
Sub-Accounts allow you to administer and share your main account with others in your organization.

Our BasicPlus plan allows you to create up to 3 sub-accounts while our Advanced plan allows you to create up to 10 sub-accounts.

Each sub-account includes a unique sign-in that is separate from your main administration account which makes it a great communication tool that others in your office or organization can use.
    Integration Features
Use Your Built-In Webcam
With our service, you can use your computers built-in web cam to record a video directly from your computer.
  check   check
Upload Any Video File
You can upload most any video file you captured from any of your favorite digital devices to use within your comments.
  check   check
Direct URL Mode
This is our unique "no-coding" solution that makes it a very easy for anyone to create and share any of their bubble comments with others.

You can share your Direct URLs via email, instant messaging, or any of your favorite social media services.
  check   check
Embed Into Your Own Website
This feature enables you to place our unique Bubble video player directly into your own website or blog.
  check   check
Include Callback Functions
This feature enabled you to run additional scripts on your site once any of your embedded BubbleComments has completed.
  check   check
Downloadable Source
Download any of your comments directly as a higher quality MP4 files from your management page.
  check   check
    Enhancement Features
Classic Video Player
All our plans enable you to use our classic (rectangle shaped) video player for your comments.
  check   check
Bubble Shaped Player
Our Basic, BasicPlus, and Advanced subscriptions enable you to use our unique bubble player to create eye-catching campaigns that will stand out with your audience. This option will also get expand as we introduce additional player shapes in the future.
  check   check
Enable Direct Responses
All our paying plans enable you to allow others to respond to your comments with a comment of their own...These response comments automatically show in your management page allowing you to review, edit, save, organize, or delete them.
  check   check
Webpage URL Backgrounds
This feature allows you to use your own webpages or website for backgrounds of your DIrect URL comments.
  check   check
Custom Backgrounds
This feature allows you to upload and use your own pictures as backgrounds for your DIrect URL comments.

Free accounts are limited to our base selection of background designs only.
  check   check
Custom Border Colors
This feature enables you to change the border color of your comments to more closely match your web page design and/or brand colors.
  check   check
5-Star Rating System
This provides a way for your viewers to give feedback or vote on your video comments...It's completely customizable so you can easily change it to meet your needs. It's especially useful for channel pages where you can present mulitple comments on one page.
  check   check
Password Protection
This features allows you to easily password protect private Direct URL comments.
  check   check
    Promotion Features
No Branding Or Ads
Our Basic, BasicPlus, and Advanced plans are void of any BubbleComment logos or Ads on any of your comments, Channels, or Direct URL pages.
  check   check
View Confirmations
This feature works in conjunction with our Direct URL feature and gives you the ability to see if your comment is viewed by someone other than yourself.

If viewed by someone other than yourself your comment will show a green thumbs-up notification icon in your management system and automatically email you when it has been viewed.
  check   check
Update At Any Time
You can update any previously recorded comment without requiring a new URL or updates to your HTML source if your use our Embed feature.
  check   check
Use Your Own Logos
This feature allows you to customize our bubble video player even further by using your own logos within it....Using your own logos is a terrific way to establish your brand identity even further.

This feature also enables you add your own logo to the header bar of any directURL page.
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